Member Institution Participation Agreement

ENGINE Description and Purpose

The Engineering National Graduate Institutional Name Exchange (ENGINE) is a national consortium of U.S. institutions offering engineering bachelor’s degrees, managed by the University of Florida (UF), through an online database accessible to Member Institutions. Participating institutions agree to exchange student lists with all Member Institutions in an effort to advance ENGINE’s sole purpose: promoting graduate education.

Member Institution Participation Requirements

In consideration for participation as a Member Institution in ENGINE, our Institution agrees to the following Member Institution Participation Requirements (Requirements):

  1. Member Institution shall limit access to the ENGINE student database, and will only permit access and use by Member Institution Contact, designated by the Member Institution, in conjunction with the following: fellowship opportunities, Ph.D. programs, funded campus visits, summer research internships, Master’s programs, application fee waivers, research symposium invitations, new scholarships, online graduate degrees, graduate recruiting events and other academic endeavors.
  2. Member Institutions must annually provide a comprehensive list of junior/senior engineering undergraduate students who have “opted in” to participate.
  3. Member Institution shall abide by all applicable federal and state laws, and the University of Florida Regulations and policies, including but not limited to the University of Florida Information Privacy Policy and Procedures found at (Security and Compliance Policies), the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and the requirements set forth in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Addendum (Addendum), incorporated by reference herein and attached hereto as Exhibit A.
  4. Member Institution may distribute information from the database to other faculty, staff and/or administrators within their institution to promote graduate education and in accordance with ENGINE procedures.
  5. Member Institution shall not distribute information from the database to any person not employed by the Institution or for any purpose other than promoting graduate education. Distributing any student information outside of the Member Institution will result in immediate and permanent cancellation of the ENGINE Member Institution Participation Agreement and may violate state and federal law.
  6. Member Institution shall designate one institutional contact, faculty, staff or administration (Contact). The Contact is responsible for its Member Institution’s communication and follow up, adherence to all security and compliance measures, UF Gator Link authorization for data uploads & downloads and/or marketing ENGINE to its junior/senior student population. The Contact must consult a Member Institution Director, Associate Dean or Dean of Engineering and receive approval/authority prior to executing the ENGINE Member Institution Participation Agreement.
  7. There are currently no annual fees or dues for Member Institution’s participation in ENGINE.  However, ENGINE reserves the right to implement and charge annual fees or dues in future years, at its sole discretion.  Member Institution will be notified via its Contact at least 30 days prior to fees or dues being charged.
  8. Member Institution shall adhere to the highest level of data security and industry best practices surrounding collecting, storing, accessing and purging student data information.
  9. Member Institution shall limit download access of the ENGINE student database to one delegated Member Institution employee. All Member Institution Contacts will be reviewed annually for continued access to ENGINE.
  10. Contacts must obtain a UF Gator Link account[i] for authentication and access to the ENGINE database. Where possible, ENGINE will federate with shibboleth directories of Member Institution. If ENGINE federates as described herein, Member Institution will not be required to obtain a UF Gator Link account.
  11. Member Institution must upload and download all student data information via the ENGINE website. Data transferred via email or any other mechanism outside of the ENGINE website is strictly prohibited.
  12. Member Institution shall download and store ENGINE data via secure institutional computing network servers. Downloads are strictly prohibited on personal computers, cell phones, non-secure network servers, etc.
  13. Member Institution will monitor student data information obtained from ENGINE to ensure that student data information is only made available to faculty, staff and/or administrators within their institution to promote graduate education. ENGINE student data information shall not be shared with third-party individuals or organizations.
  14. Member Institution shall purge all student data information from ENGINE one year after that student’s bachelor’s degree graduation date. The purge of student data information refers to lists of student information received from ENGINE, not admissions application materials or other related information that the student submitted through the ENGINE graduate recruitment process.
  15. Member Institution participation in ENGINE shall continue indefinitely for the duration of ENGINE or until this Agreement is terminated by the Member Institution, ENGINE or the University of Florida, at its sole discretion, or ENGINE is discontinued.
  16. Member Institution shall not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, marital status, national origin, political opinions or affiliations, genetic information or veteran status.
  17. Member Institution agrees to be fully responsible for its acts or omissions, or its agents’ acts or omissions when acting within the scope of employment or agency, and agrees to be liable for any damage resulting from said acts or omissions, including but not limited to a data breach. To the extent allowed by law, Member Institution shall fully indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the University of Florida Board of Trustees and its directors, officers, employees, agents and affiliates from and against all claims arising out of Member Institution’s failure to adhere to the Requirements contained within this Agreement, including but not limited to a data breach.
  18. Contact information and signature of an institutional employee with binding authority to execute the participation agreement is required.

Download and Sign ENGINE Membership Participation Agreement